The Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Success Coach and Entrepreneur Eddie Fooshang

Episode 02 The Entrepreneur’s Mindset Featuring Eddie Fooshang

People are caught up in being a perfectionist, getting everything ready before they start, but by then, they have wasted time and money. Taking action, fear, utilizing your resources, making those sales calls, welcoming change and failure are important components to the mindset of an entrepreneur. Invite change and continually build and improve yourself. In today’s episode, we interview Eddie Fooshang a prolific business owner located in Austin Texas. In his industry of mortgage lending, he has been able to build his business exponentially in just 3 years.

Overcoming your fear of getting started is a common fear for many people. The way people can overcome this is by just starting. Jump in and take Eddie’s advice and JUST GET STARTED. You see your goal and inching towards that goals is important at the start. Set short term goals and by accomplishing those goals you are that much closer to getting to your final goal. Failure is inevitable so just fail, fail, and fail again. Failure is not a negative thing. Failure is a means to something bigger. It allows you to pivot and adjust accordingly.

Taking Action is understanding the truth. Understanding your true potential and making it happen. Taking action is what separates winners and the have and have nots. Ask yourself, what do I want? What do I want in this life? Believe in yourself and it will come. Make that emotional commitment to start, take action and absorb the rewards for your action.

Effective ways of utilizing your resources can help in identifying your current position and where you stand. Resources can be people, assets, technology or even a plan. Understanding that even the most common of resources like your cell phone can be a valuable asset in creating something from nothing.

Value Bombs

1.) Don’t be a perfectionist. Do it now and the rest will follow.

2.) Take Action

3.) Utilize your resources


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