Building Content is Big Business in Switzerland (feat. Cedric Bollag)

Helping Entrepreneurs Build An Empire
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Building content for companies can be a challenging feat. Cedric Bollag has been building content for close to four years now. His business in Switzerland takes him to parts of the country where he interviews business owners and invests his own money in startup companies.

Content Creation

Building content is a great way to set your company apart from the crowd. Consistent content allows you to establish a following where you can showcase your product or service and help engage with your audience on a different level than written. Because video provides the opportunity to build emotion, it can be a powerful way to get results as well as boost your SEO.

It is important to know which direction you are taking with your content. You should have a vision of where your content is going to go and how it is going to be used. This type of planning allows you to build a strategy around your niche market.

Know your audience and build according to your niche. If you have established yourself in other areas of the market, consider tackling those areas separately. Understanding your audience gives you some insight into how your content will connect with your customers.

Providing Superior Quality

When providing content to customers, it is important to have the right people doing the right jobs. From the initial shoot to thumbnail it is important that there are people working on providing the best product for the customer.

Content can be recorded on almost anything nowadays. From smartphones to thousand-dollar cinema cameras, content can be recorded and edited to create some stunning results. Whether you choose 1080p or 12K video, it is important to give the customer quality products.


When starting a business, we oftentimes forget what’s important, family, time and even sleep. Poor sleep will increase lathery, weight gain and often times contributes to less productivity. Getting the right amount of sleep helps with concentration and overall health.

Leaving Your Legacy

Leaving a legacy for many people can mean many things. For some it’s being a great father or mother, for others, it’s changing the world and leaving your stamp on the future. What will they etch in your tombstone? How do you want to be remembered? The impact you leave on your family, friends, community or the world can be a book you write, money to your descendants, or a business you started. What will be your legacy?

Cedric Bollag


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