Ep. 17 Using Sales To Catapult Your Business (feat. Anthony Garcia)

Anthony Garcia Inc.

Sales are one of the most important parts of your business. Without sales, you don’t generate revenue. This is true for any business you may have. You might be thinking that you are a service-based business or you are the only employee, why do you need sales. They will just come to me once I open the doors for my business, right? Wrong! You have to get out there and grind. You have to get out there and start getting people in the door. There are many ways to generate leads and advertise, but once you get that lead you have to sell your product or service. Knowing how to close the deal is important in scheduling that appointment, mailing out that product or contracting that deal.

Do Your Reps!

The more you sell the better you get. How do you get better you may ask yourself? A good example is when you start with a basic script. You have your elevator pitch down and when you talk to a potential customer you can identify who you are what you do and how you can help them. As you go through your script you will receive rebuttals, questions and concerns that need to be responded, answered and met with how your product or service is going to fix this pain. The more you do it, the more you say your elevator pitch the better you get and the better you start to understand your customers. When you start talking to people you begin to understand where the market is going. After talking to 100 people you start to understand where your niche really is and where customers want to go with your product or service. You will have your finger on the pulse.


Pain in the Market

One of the more difficult things to do in business is identifying the pain in marketing. When a company can identify the pain in the market, its ability to rectify this and present this to customers as a solution becomes very attractive. Continually looking for resolutions for the pain in the market could include asking questions, market research and finding out what impact it’s having on customers.

Fear of Loss

One of the more important aspects of sales is when you hear 10 days only or you will lose out on this amazing deal. The fear of loss becomes consistent with something inveterate in all of us. Loss is a large component in the sales industry and by limiting accessibility or interjecting competition into the conversation, the thought of loss could be overwhelming. This house will not be on the market for long, we have had three other people looking at it and have all mentioned that they will be putting in a bid. You need to get in on this house before someone takes it from you. You deserve this house.

Photo by Inzmam Khan

Address Concerns

Address the concerns of the customer. If a customer says that it is too expensive, your response could be something like, if we are to show that there is value and make it to where it is affordable is that fair? How you address the concern is up to you, but if the potential customer is concerned about the price, address that with meeting or coming close and asking once this objection or concern is met, would there be anything stopping you from moving forward with the purchase?



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