How To Publish a Book In Today’s Digital World (feat. MK Williams)

Self Publishing

MK Williams

MK Williams

How to publish a book in today’s digital world. 

For many people, the idea of writing a book can be daunting. You may have questions like who do I hire, what is the first step where do I publish? MK Williams has experienced the emotional vicissitudes of self-publishing and wants to pass along her knowledge to aspiring writers. It is essential to understand why you want to write your book and write it. 
What you need to write a book 
1.       Idea

2.       Time 

3.       Write

Recommended Resources

There are many online resources that will assist you in publishing and formatting your book. The platform Amazon Kindle Publishing forums are a great resource. This can be a frustrating task but understanding that there are many approaches to publishing and based on your genre it could change.

Steven King

Rules to Live By

Be kind         

Be Introspective, Look Within Yourself·       

 Be Humble


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