Ep. 19 Financial Data Will Catapult Your Business (feat. Susan Boles)

For many people accounting is a foreign language. Building a business is daunting enough, now you’re telling me that I have to do the math! Fortunately, there are people like Susan Boles who have dedicated their lives to helping businesses grow using collected data to strategically make better decisions. So how does an accountant help in making crucial decisions for my business?  

When it comes to income statements, balance sheets, and cashflows, accountants are invaluable, but understanding that there is more to just balance sheets to grow your business can help identify areas of unseen profit. Profitable projects that can be scaled and sluggish projects that can be eliminated are valuable information that can help determine the direction of the organization. Using data to make valuable decisions is not uncommon in business. Using data allows a business to look at how they approach future projects based on the information obtained from current projects. 

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t overwork yourself
  • Look at your business data and analyze the data to make better decisions
  • Outsource to save money

About Susan Boles

Susan Boles is a Virtual CFO & Growth Architect for agencies & consultants at ScaleSpark. She helps them break out of growth stalls by fixing back end processes and creating systems designed to scale. She has over a decade of experience as a CFO and software consultant and she’s on a mission to help founders build sustainable, profitable businesses – because growth is only hard when your business isn’t built for it.

ScaleSpark: https://scalespark.co 

Break the Ceiling Podcast: https://scalespark.co/podcast 

Twitter: @thesusanboles

Instagram: @thesusanboles

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