Start a Design Business With Only 10K

Today we speak with Supriya Mehra where we talk about building a design business with just ten thousand dollars. We go over some important information for starting your design business and talk about networking.

Starting a Design Business with Minimal Capital

Key Takeaways    

  • Know where you wanna go     
  • Network      
  • Keep track of all your expenses to know your profitability and find yourself a network of resources to build your business through networking events and mentorship 

Started with a 10,000 line of credit
 I bought a little bit of inventory at a time. This side hustle turned into a full-time gig and I started by using my family as guinea pigs and bought my equipment and ordered whatever materials I needed to advance my business.  

How would you expedite your success in design?  

Network as much as possible. Go out there meet as many people as you can in the industry of Jeter word try to connect people through even you know doing style shoots and stuff like that so that’s how you will get a little bit more visibility.  People would get to recognize you because nobody wants to work with and you if you don’t have a good portfolio.
428 Gibraltar Drive, Studio 10, Mississauga on email:-info@designmantraa.caPhone Number:-(647) 998-7527

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